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Learn more about Washington, DC and the DMV area in general. Best places to see, where to eat, hang out and much more...

Best Places to Party in Washington, DC Area.

Washington D.C tends to be government-centered and a serious place during the day but when the sun slowly goes hiding the districts goes barbaric and transforms into nightlife full of parties and fun. Whatever kind of partying and music you love, the nation’s capital will give a pleasing ear and amazing show. From street parties to VIP parties Washington has it lined up for an unforgettable night. Let’s explore more on partying at District of Columbia.


Sax is top gear club in Washington, and it offers Moulin Rouge ambiances. It has a beautiful restaurant and a nighttime lounge with the first floor having a 60 feet high ceiling. The floor also has golden accents, ornate chandeliers, and versatile tabletops. It offers live entertainment from its 20 foot enclosed stage that includes acrobatic pole dancing, modern ballet, and aerialists.

The 9:30 Club

The 9: 30 features international, national and local performances. To access the club, you need to have tickets which are available in advance. The club has spacious and classy four bars, and it also boasts of the largest dancing floor in the whole of Washington. It is an award-winning party club with music drawn from all genres like punk, rock, country, and hip-hop.

Midtown Danceplex

It is the largest dance club in the whole of DC, and it features three levels and a rooftop. Each of the floors has different party vibes, and the modern one has a big space that includes a sleekly design and a high-tech sound system with lighting that is unique and top of the game. The second floor has semi-private areas, a loft with a 26-foot bar, 53 inches plasma screens, and three community tables. It also boasts of intimate lounge space and raised platforms that offer live music performances.

Eighteenth Street Lounge

Picture partying on your friends DC mansion with flattering lighting, vintage seating that is comfrey and scattering all over giving you interacting times. The Eighteenth street lounge has such partying ambiance, and it features the gold room, the Jazz Bar, the deck bar and the studio bar. It has a laid-back space with a welcoming vibe keeping both foreigners and locals coming back. They offer live performances on reggae fix and salsa for those craving for a more intimate partying.


Heist is private spaces with black leather seating’s that have tonnes of gold. It has crafted cocktails and champagnes with an open format spin from DJ. The DJ has a Chesterfield leather booth that has outfitted with buffalo skull adorned with 24 karat gold. Here partying is taken to higher step since you have the chance to enjoy any music as you enjoy your steak and a glass of champagne.


The place to party if you love the sounds of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.Decades features 10,000 square foot of dedicated floors, and each offers different party rhythm and theme, The first level has DJ who plays hits from the 2000s in a CD covered booth while the second floor has a welcoming act that defines decade with the 90s. The gold-themed 3rd floor offers more of hip-hop and 80s plus the Bling Room keeps you more entertained.

Washington DC gives you ultimate places to party in style regardless of your entertainment taste and class.




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